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State Damage Prevention Program PHMSA Review in 2017, 2018, and 2019


Note: NAPSR Region Meetings are typically reserved for NAPSR members and PHMSA. On occasion, NAPSR may invite outside speaker to present at the meetings on pipeline safety or related topics. The National Meeting is open to any attendee, however both region and national meetings have portions of the meeting in "closed session" to enable discussion of member-only information. Please contact Robert Clarillos, NAPSR Administrative Manager,, if you wish further information or if you have an interest in attending or presenting at any meeting.


COVID-19 Note: Almost all of the NAPSR Region Meetings have been cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shelter in place or travel restrictions.  NAPSR leadership has yet to determine the status of the NAPSR National Meeting. More information on the meetings will be posted in the coming weeks. 

NAPSR Meetings 2020

The states continue to show improvement in their State Damage Prevention Programs.  Keep in mind that most state pipeline safety programs do not have authority to change the underground facility laws. This is the duty of the state legislatures. Improvements continue to be made.

For more information, visit the PHMSA Damage Prevention web site: and


National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives

NAPSR Organizational Changes

At their 2019 National Meeting in South Portland, Maine, the NAPSR Board of Directors announced the following new officers for 2019-2020, effective October 1, 2019:

  • Chair - Wallace Jones (AL)
  • Vice Chair - Mary Zanter (SD)
  • Secretary - Mary Friend (WV)
  • Treasurer - David Levering (NE)
  • Past Chair - Gary Kenny (ME)

Meeting Event
​NAPSR Southern Region - Lexington, Kentucky

   6 - 10


NAPSR Western Region - Whitefish, Montana

11 - 15

(Postponed until 2021)

NAPSR Southwestern Region - San Antonio, Texas

1 - 5


NAPSR Eastern Region - Conway, New Hampshire


15 - 19

Postponed until 2021)


NAPSR Central Region - Missouri, Location TBD

  3 - 7


NAPSR National Meeting - The Grand Hotel, Point Clear, Alabama

        14 - 18