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APGA SIF O&M, OQ Plan and Public Awareness Development Tool

Working group to create an O&M Plan, OQ Plan and Public Awareness Plan development tool with Mobile Applications.  Similar to SHRIMP tool.  This Task group will work on the content details.
Joe Molloy (CO), Mark Champagne (LA), John Harper (OK), Chris Demarco (PA), Michelle Thebert (GA), Sean Quinlan (KS)
​APGA SIF's Propane Small Operator Guide Update
​Provide Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for APGA Update of Small Operator Guide and OQ Guidance Manual.
Jim Osterhaus (TX),  Bruce Benson (CT), GC Morris (VT), Sunil Shori (CA), Mike Bell (AZ)
​API 1104 Standards
API Standard.  Group considering revisions to the API 1104 welding standard.
David Price (OH)
API RP 1162 Public Awareness Programs - 2017 Revision Project
API Standard on Public Awareness for pipeline operators. API initiated a committee to review and revise RP 1162 in 2017.​
Kevin Speicher (NY) Michelle Thebert (GA)​
API Emergency Response Advisory Board
API initiative to provide a forum for industry and regulators to share ideas regarding emergency response.
Janie Castle (CO)
API New Gathering Line RP Task Group
Started by API to write a new Recommended Practice for Gathering Lines and to incorporate RP 80 which is Gathering Line Definition.
Jason Montoya (NM), Mary Friend (WV), Pete Chace (OH), and Paul Metro (PA)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers subcommittee.  ANSI-chartered subcommittee developing operator qualification standard ASME B31Q and adapting it for distribution systems.
Mary Zanter (SD)
ASTM F17 Plastic Piping Systems
F17.10 Fittings
Mary Zanter (SD)
​F17.11 Composite
Kevin Stillson (CO)
F17.20 Joining
John Harper (OK)
F17.60 Gas
Mary Zanter (SD) Daniel Trapp (AL)
​F17.67 Trenchless Plastic Pipeline Technology
Robert Biggard (PA)
​F17.68 Energy Piping Systems
Mary Zanter (SD)
​CGA (Best Practices)
Common Ground Alliance.  Developing consensus-based best practices for excavation damage prevention.
Steve Allen (IN),Sunil Shori (CA)
CGA (Board of Directors)
Common Ground Alliance.  Multi-stakeholder damage prevention organization involved in R&D, data collection, best practices and education.
Massoud Tahamtani (VA)
CGA (Data Reporting/Collection)
Common Ground Alliance.  Collecting and analyzing excavation damage data via the DIRT tool for all stakeholder groups (Gas/liquid, phone, cable, electric, etc.).
Dan Nivison (CT), Perry McCollum (WY)
​CGA (Education & MMCC)
Common Ground Alliance.  Education & Marketing, Membership and Communications Committee.  Addresses education in damage prevention and addressing CGA membership issues.
Joe Leckie (ID)
Common Ground Alliance.  One-Call Systems International.  Addresses issues of relevance to One-Call Systems.
Paul Metro (PA), Heather David (MI)
​​CGA (Stakeholder Advocacy)
​Proactively work with local stakeholders to educate state policy makers regarding use of CGA best practices.
Cynthia Munyon (IA), Rob Horensky (PA)
CGA (Technology)
​Common Ground Alliance.  Research and Development.  Identifying consensus-based practices for excavation damage prevention.
Randy Knepper (NH), Don Ledversis (RI)
Develop summary by state of local safety initiatives that exceed federal requirements.  Demonstrate the importance of maintaining a focus on specific local risks.
Randy Knepper (NH), Massoud Tahamtani (VA), Kevin Hecker (IL), Juan Urena (NJ), Joe Subsits (WA)
Compliance and Enforcement Refresher Training (CERT)
​​Compliance and Enforcement Refresher Training (CERT) task group.
Leo Haynos (KS), Kelly Phelps (OK)
DIMP Advisory Task Group
NAPSR members of Distribution Integrity Management Program Phase 1 (inactive).  Multi-stakeholder group that explored conceptual approaches to the DIMP rule, leading to the Phase 1 DIMP report. Group continues to provide input on DIMP rule, inspections and implementation to PHMSA.
Massoud Tahamtani (VA), Wallace Jones (AL), Leo Haynos (KS), Matt Smith (IL), Joe Molloy (CO)
Gas Transmission IMP Rework Task Group
This group will focus on addressing necessary changes to the gas transmission integrity management rule.
Mary Friend (WV), John Harper (OK), Paul Penney (CA), Dan Novak (IN), Rickey Cotton (MS)
Gathering Line Task Group
NAPSR Members of Government-only task group.  Addresses  clarification of gathering line regulations.
Paul Metro (PA), Leo Haynos (KS), David Chislea (MI), Judy Ramsey (AL), David Piroutek (WY), Kelly Phelps (OK)
​Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee (TPSSC), informally known as the Gas Pipeline Advisory Committee (GPAC).
Steve Allen (IN) 10/10/2016
GPTC - Transmission & Distribution
Gas Piping Technology Committee.  ANSI-chartered stakeholder committee developing guidance on pipeline safety regulations.
Mary Friend (WV) John Kottwitz (MO)
Rich Medcalf (IN)​
Grant Allocation/Strategic Planning Committee (5 year term)

NAPSR standing committee that has PHMSA members.  Addresses the allocation of federal grant funds that match a % of the amount a State spends on pipeline safety.

Wallace Jones (AL) 4/1/12, Karl Baker (CT) 10/1/15, Steven Giambrone (LA) 10/1/15, David Piroutek (WY) 5/22/14, Current NAPSR Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Past Chair

GTI Joint Industry Project on Plastic Pipe

Joint project to examine issues related to plastic pipe joining, materials and other issues in the gas industry. Includes stakeholders from PHMSA, NAPSR and industry.

Don Ledversis (RI) Roberta Primera (AZ) Janie Castle (CO)​

GTI's Public Interest Advisory Committee (PIAC)

The purpose of the PIAC is to provide guidance to the GTI Board and the GTI executives and senior staff on public interest issues and long-term trends that may potentially have impact on GTI, the gas industry, and the gas consumer​.

Randy Knepper (NH)

​Improving Leak Detection System Design Redundancy & Accuracy
Improving Leak Detection System Design Redundancy & Accuracy.
Joe Subsits (WA), Chris Stolicky (NY), Jonathan Wolfgram (MN)
​Legislative Committee (5 year term)
NAPSR Standing Committee.  Deals with legislative issues as they affect the states' participation in gas and liquids pipeline safety programs.
Randy Knepper (NH) 10/1/15, Steve Allen (IN) 4/1/12, David Piroutek (WY) 11/1/12, Bobby Henry (AR) 12/22/2014
Liaison Committee (5 year term)
NAPSR Standing Committee.  Develops documents addressing federal regulatory issues, NAPSR resolutions, by-law revisions, and provides continuity in representation outside of NAPSR.
Joe Subsits (WA) 10/1/16, Jason Montoya (NM) 10/1/14, ​John Clementson (MD) 6/5/14, Rickey Cotton (MS) 1/13/15 Bill Boyd (IN) 10/1/16
Technical Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Standards Committee (THLPSSC), informally known as the Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Advisory Committee (LPAC).
Massoud Tahmatani (VA)
NAPSR Website Administration
Provide for developing and enhancing NAPSR website.
Karl Baker (CT) Webmaster, Robert Clarillos (Administrative Manager) Web Administrator
​NARUC Staff Subcommittee on Pipeline Safety
Objective is to serve the consumer's interest in seeking to improve pipeline safety regulations and issues pertaining to the safe transportation of hazardous products by pipelines.
NAPSR Chair designates three attendees:  Randy Knepper (NH), Paul Metro (PA), Don Stursma (IA), Massoud Tahamantani (VA), Bobby Henry (AR), Dennis Fothergill (OK), Jerry Platt (DE), John Clementson (MD), David Piroutek (WY), David Chislea (MI), Rick Moses (FL), Richard Wallace (MA), Michelle Thebert (GA), Mary Zanter (SD), Steve Allen (IN), Paul Maguire (NV)​
NFPA 58 Technical Committee on LPG
National Fire Protection Association 58 Committee on Liquefied Petroleum Gas.  Government-industry stakeholder committee addresses revisions to the NFPA 58 Standard.
David Burnell (NH), GC Morris (VT)
Public Awareness Program Working Group
Public Awareness Program Working Group.
Don Ledversis (RI), Michelle Thebert (GA)
​​PHMSA Community Technical Assistance Grants
PHMSA established TG.  Review TAG applications and recommend projects for funding as part of PHMSA grant process.
Cynthia Munyon (IA)
Pipeline Informed Planning Alliance.  Diverse stakeholder group addressing pipeline right-of-way encroachment and siting.
Cynthia Munyon (IA)
Pipeline Safety Research and Development (R&D) Forum Working Group
PHMSA established TG. Articulate, clarify, and update industry and government pipeline research needs. Promote full disclosure of past and ongoing pipeline research addressing those needs. Assist with planning of PHMSA R&D Forum. Review R&D grants as necessary.
Tom Stemrich (WI), Alan Borne (AZ)
Plastic Pipe Database Committee.  Government-industry group collecting and reviewing plastic materials performance data.
Steve Wood (NC), Sunil Shori (CA), Robert Biggard (PA), Mary Zanter (SD) for NARUC
OQ Task Group
NAPSR members of Government-only task group led by PHMSA TQ.  Addressing outstanding regulatory issues having to do with Operator Qualification.
Kelly Phelps (OK),  John Harper (OK), Victor Omameh (OH) Matt Smith (IL)
Risk Modeling Working Group
Working group to assess risk modeling.
Steve Allen (IN), Peter Chace (OH), Udeozo Ogbue (DC), Joe Leckie (ID), Joe Subsits (WA)
Security Integrity Foundation Advisory Group -Board of Directors
APGA established TG.  Provide regulatory input and view with regard to muni gas system initiatives.
Dennis Fothergill (OK), Jason Montoya (NM), Rick Moses (FL)


National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives