National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives

Group Name
Description and Purpose of Group

NAPSR Member

(Bold indicates Chair/Lead)

​API 1104 Standards Task Group
API Standard.  Group considering revisions to the API 1104 welding standard.
David Price (OH)
API RP 1162 Public Awareness Programs - 2020-21 Revision Project
API Standard on Public Awareness for pipeline operators. API initiated a committee to review and revise RP 1162 in 2020-21.​ Publication of the 3rd Edition is expected in August of 2022.
Anthony Dorrough (WA) Jonathan Kimbril (AL)
API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS or SMS) Revisions Task GroupAPI group that will review the current edition of API RP 1173 and make recommendations for revisions or updates. Pete Chace (OH), Miranda Erich (IN)
API RP 1185 Public Engagement Task GroupAPI New Recommended Practice (RP) for engaging the public on large pipeline projects with potential public or environmental impact.Steven Giambrone (LA)
Automatic and Remote Control Valve Study  - National Academy of SciencesThis is a committee to study current and potential methodologies and standards, including regulatory criteria, for deciding when an automatic shutoff valve (ASV), remote-controlled valve (RCV), or other equivalent emergency flow restricting device (EFRD) should be installed on existing gas transmission pipelines and on existing hazardous liquid pipelines in high-consequence areas. Required by the Section 199 of the 2020 PIPES Act, a Congressional mandate. Study due by December 2022.
Scott Marshall (VA)
ASME B31Q Committee
American Society of Mechanical Engineers subcommittee.  ANSI-chartered subcommittee developing operator qualification standard ASME B31Q and adapting it for distribution systems.
Victor Omameh (OH), Alternate: Mary Zanter (SD)
ASTM F17 Plastic Piping Systems Task Group
F17.10 Fittings
Mary Zanter (SD)
​F17.11 Composite
Kevin Stillson (CO)
F17.20 Joining
John Harper (OK)
F17.60 Gas
Mary Zanter (SD), Daniel Trapp (AL)
​F17.67 Trenchless Plastic Pipeline Technology
Robert Biggard (PA)
​F17.68 Energy Piping Systems
Vacant - (Covered by the other members).
Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Law Grant Application Review Task Group (BIL Grants)Established by Congress in 2022 to assist municipalities, co-ops, and other non-profit gas operators with replacement of vintage gas pipelines. The Task Group will review the applications for the BIL Grants in conformance with the statute.Paul Kasper (NH), John Masiello (NJ)
​CGA (Best Practices Committee)
Common Ground Alliance.  Developing consensus-based best practices for excavation damage prevention.
Steven Giambrone (LA), Scott Marshall (VA), Alternate: Craig Rogers (NV)
CGA (Board of Directors)
Common Ground Alliance.  Multi-stakeholder damage prevention organization involved in R&D, data collection, best practices and education.
Melissa Holbrook (KY)
CGA (Data Reporting/Collection Committee)
Common Ground Alliance.  Collecting and analyzing excavation damage data via the DIRT tool for all stakeholder groups (Gas/liquid, phone, cable, electric, etc.).
Perry McCollum (WY)
CGA (Education & MMCC)
Common Ground Alliance.  Education & Marketing, Membership and Communications Committee.  Addresses education in damage prevention and addressing CGA membership issues.
Bryce Keener (TN)
CGA (Technology Committee)
​Common Ground Alliance.  Research and Development.  Identifying consensus-based practices for excavation damage prevention.
Eleanor Mundors (MI)
Compendium Task Group
Develop summary by state of local safety initiatives that exceed federal requirements.  Demonstrate the importance of maintaining a focus on specific local risks. Publishes the Compendium document on a 3-year cycle.
Juan Urena (NJ) Rob Horensky (PA), Jon Wolfgram (MN), Bill Jordan (VT)
Corrosion Control Team (PHMSA IBR Standards Review)Works with PHMSA on review of Corrosion Control standards incorporated by reference in Part 192.Kathleen McNelis (MO), Ted Wilkinson (TN), James Zhang (CPUC), Dennis Cramer (OH)
Distribution Inspection Form Task GroupNAPSR formed group to review existing inspection forms, Inspection Assistant and to assist with creating more consistent inspection forms. Established in November 2020.Mary Zanter (SD), Mary Friend (WV), Nathan Dore (ME), Kevin Hennessy (OR), Cody Cox (OR), John Iglesias (SC), Miranda Erich (IN)
Distribution Team Task Group
Formed in August of 2019, this group replaces the DIMP Team and has a wider focus than on just DIMP, but also focuses on providing guidance for conducting inspections on distribution system as well as addressing ongoing risk and integrity management issues particular to distribution systems.Matt Smith (IL), Daniel Trapp (AL), Mike Purcell (OH), Kelly Everson (NV) Dan Nivison (CT) Brooks Tate (NC) Travis Aslinger (TN) Angel Garcia (CPUC) James Stanovcak (NM) Nathan Dore (ME)
Gas Transmission Final Rule Implementation Team (GRIT)Formed October 2019 to assist with implementation of the final Gas Transmission & Gathering Line Rules by providing FAQs and other support.Lauren Govoni (VA), Mike Purcell (OH)
Gas Transmission Integrity Management Task GroupFormed in 2015 by PHMSA to review the existing Integrity Management Rule and recommend changes based on input from other entities. Also focuses on IA issues, FAQs, etc.Mary Friend (WV), Kevin Speicher (NY), Paul Penny (CPUC), Rickey Cotton (MS), John Harper (OK), Kyle Friske (MI)
Gathering Line Task GroupOriginally began as the Gathering Line Task Group, then addressed the API New Gathering Line RP, now is a general task group that will address any Gathering Line issues.
Mary Friend (WV), Tim Wolf (MI), Jason Montoya (NM), Leo Haynos (KS), David Piroutek (WY), Kelly Phelps (OK), Stephanie Weidman (TX), Kevin Speicher (NY) Mike Chilek (PA)
​GPAC (Gas Pipeline Advisory Committee)
Formerly the ​Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee (TPSSC). Discusses PHMSA rulemaking for Part 192 for gas pipelines and provides input. Formed per Congressional mandate, has representatives from industy, PHMSA, State Regulators, and other stakeholders.Pete Chace (OH)
GPTC - Transmission & Distribution (Gas Piping Technology Committee)
ANSI-chartered stakeholder committee developing guidance on pipeline safety regulations.
Mary Friend (WV), John Kottwitz (MO),
Mike Purcell (OH), Karl Baker (CT), Randy Snyder (OK), Mike Evans (NV)
Grant Allocation/Strategic Planning Committee (5 year term, 3 year term for Chair)

NAPSR Standing Committee that has PHMSA members.  Addresses the allocation of federal grant funds that match a % of the amount a State spends on pipeline safety.

Karl Baker (CT - Eastern Region) 10/1/2020, (Chair Term began 10/1/2020)  David Levering (NE - Central Region) 10/1/2019, Michael Peikert (LA - SW Region) 10/1/20, David Piroutek (WY - Western Region) 10/1/2019, Melissa Holbrook (KY - Southern Region) 5/1/2020, Current NAPSR Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Past Chair

GTI Joint Industry Project on Plastic Pipe

Joint project to examine issues related to plastic pipe joining, materials and other issues in the gas industry. Includes stakeholders from PHMSA, NAPSR and industry.

Kevin Speicher (NY)

​Legislative Committee (5 year term, 3 year term for Chair)
NAPSR Standing Committee.  Monitors, reviews, and responds to legislative issues as they affect the states' participation in gas and liquids pipeline safety programs.
Miranda Erich (IN) Chair Pro Tem 1/11/2023, Kevin Speicher (NY) 9-1-2021, Stephanie Weidman (TX) 9/1/2021, Terence Eng (CPUC) 5/21/2021, Robert Graves (FL) 10-1-2022
Liaison Committee (5 year term; 3 year term for the Chair)
NAPSR Standing Committee.  Develops documents addressing federal regulatory issues, NAPSR resolutions, by-law revisions, and provides continuity in representation outside of NAPSR.
​John Clementson (MD) 10/1/2019, Johnny Eustace (SC) 10/7/20, Alex Kirschling (WI) 03/31/22; Stephanie Weidman (TX) 10/1/2019; Terence Eng (CPUC) 7/2/2021
Liquified Natural Gas Task Group (LNG)NAPSR internal committee directed at reviewing LNG regulations, siting concerns, state concerns with LNG plant maintenance and operations, and providing guidance for state inspection personnel and for operators looking at beginning operations.Alex Kirschling (WI), Bob Bailey (RI), Michael Hummel (IN), Max Mueller (NY), Kevin Callahan (MA), James Birch (MA), Phil Denton (MA)
LPAC (Liquid Pipeline Advisory Committee)
Formerly known as the Technical Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Standards Committee (THLPSSC). Formed by a Congressional mandate. Includes industy, PHMSA, NAPSR, and other stakeholders. Reviews hazardous liquid rulemaking and provides input.
Jonathan Wolfgram (MN)
NAPSR Website Administration
Provide for developing and enhancing NAPSR website.
Karl Baker (CT) Webmaster, Robert Clarillos (Administrative Manager) Web Administrator
​NARUC Staff Subcommittee on Pipeline Safety
Objective is to educate state commissioners on best practices within the state pipeline safety programs,  as well as administrative and financial concerns that serve the consumer's interest in seeking to improve pipeline safety regulations. The committee also focuses on issues pertaining to the safe transportation of hazardous products by pipelines.
Kari French (TX - Chair), Kevin Speicher (NY - Vice Chair), Dennis Fothergill (OK), Wayne Erickson (DE), John Clementson (MD), David Piroutek (WY), David Chislea (MI), Richard Enright (MA), Michelle Thebert (GA), Kevin Hennessy (OR), Mary Zanter (SD), Jason Montoya (NM), Paul Maguire (NV)​, Steve Wood (NC) Udeozo Ogbue (DC), Kathleen McNelis (MO), Wallace Jones (AL) Robert Graves (FL) Brady Sargent (AZ)
NFPA 58 Technical Committee on LPG
National Fire Protection Association 58 Committee on Liquefied Petroleum Gas.  Government-industry stakeholder committee addresses revisions to the NFPA 58 Standard.
Kevin Dowling (CT) Scott Marshall (VA)
NFPA 59 Technical Committee on LPGNational Fire Protection Association 59 Committee on Liquified Petroleum Gas in Plants. Government-industry stakeholder committee addresses revisions to the NFPA 59 standard.Scott Marshall (VA) Nathan Dore (ME)
​​PHMSA Community Technical Assistance Grants Review Task Group
PHMSA established TG.  Review TAG applications and recommend projects for funding as part of PHMSA grant process.
Johnny Eustace (SC)
Pipeline Safety Research and Development (R&D) Forum Working Group
PHMSA established TG. Articulate, clarify, and update industry and government pipeline research needs. Promote full disclosure of past and ongoing pipeline research addressing those needs. Assist with planning of PHMSA R&D Forum. Review R&D grants as necessary.
Matthewson Epuna (CPUC), Alan Borne (AZ)
PHMSA Hazardous Liquids Integrity Management (IM) TeamPHMSA established TG. Objective is to review HL IM topics or issues and provide input for rulemaking. Established March 2021.Lauren Govoni (VA); Huy Nguyen (Cal Fire), Alternate: Scott Marshall (VA)
PPDC (Plastic Pipe Database Committee)
Government-industry group collecting and reviewing plastic materials performance data.
Dan Tomasino (CT) for NARUC, Mary Zanter (SD) for NARUC, Daniel Trapp (AL), Neil Pascual (NV)
Plastics Task GroupGroup looks at general plastic pipe and fitting issues and may refer information to the PPDC or ASTM F17 Committee or PHMSA. Group is activated as needed.Mary Zanter (SD); John Harper (OK); Kevin Stilson (CO); Bob Biggard (PA); Daniel Trapp (AL); Miranda Erich (IN)
OQ Task Group
NAPSR members of Government-only task group led by PHMSA TQ.  Addressing outstanding regulatory issues having to do with Operator Qualification.
Kelly Phelps (OK),  John Harper (OK), Victor Omameh (OH) Matt Smith (IL)
REPAIR (GTI Project from ARPA-E Grant)Rapid Encapsulation of Pipelines Avoiding Intensive Replacement is a 3 year project focused on developing new technologies to effectively restore a cast iron or bare steel pipe, while in service, from the inside."  
Kevin Speicher (NY), Juan Urena (NJ), Scott Marshall (VA), Michelle Thebert (GA), Brian Buchanan (MO), Matt Smith (IL)
Security Integrity Foundation (SIF) Advisory Group -Board of Directors
APGA established, separate organization.  Provide regulatory input and view with regard to municipal gas system initiatives.
Robert Graves (FL), Jason Montoya (NM), Jamie Burns (LA) Johnny Eustace (SC) Michelle Thebert (GA)