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       Open NAPSR Resolutions


Number​Description (click link for actual resolution)​Status
​2015-01Encourages PHMSA to suspend the effective date of changes to 49 CFR 192.305 and encourages PHMSA to reconsider the changes.​New
​2014-01Urges PHMSA to consolidate all databases affecting state program inspection data collection.Open - Acceptable Response To Date
​2013-4-AC1Urges adoption of suggested language to 49 CFR 191.28 "Reporting Overpressure Events".​Open - Acceptable Response To Date
2013-2-AC1​​Encourages PHMSA to adopt additional regulations relative to "Farm Taps".Open - Acceptable Response To Date
​​2013-1-AC1Urges PHMSA to incorporate NAPSR concerns and expectations in developing and deploying the Inspection Assistant software application.Open - Acceptable Response To Date
​2011-1-AC1Urges PHMSA to form a task group to analyze and trend dot-reportable incident data for gas distribution.​Open - Acceptable Response To Date
​2010-3-AC2Urges PHMSA to develop regulations and policies to address the safe construction and operation of natural gas and hazardous liquids storage field wellbores and geologic formations.​Open - Acceptable Response To Date
​​2010-2-AC2Urges PHMSA to establish regulatory requirements for gas gathering lines in Class 1 areas.​Open - Acceptable Response To Date​
​2007-3-AC1Urges PHMSA to amend 49 CFR 191.1 by deleting subparagraph 191.1(b)(4). Many onshore gathering lines are currently exempt from Part 191 reporting requirements; the proposed change would remove that exemption.​Open - Acceptable Response To Date